Breaking up and moving on from narcissistic abuse

Whether you need help dealing with a narcissist or want to learn how to help others – we can help you

Are you struggling with any of the following?

  • Reeling from a toxic relationship
  • Struggling to break free from an abusive partner
  • Suffering from low self esteem & self worth
  • Driving yourself mad with questions about what happened to you
  • Overwhelmed by the divorce process
  • Unsure how to communicate with your ex
  • Worried about your children
  • Anxious and worried all the time
  • Fearful about what the future holds

How to Divorce a Difficult Partner and Recover From a Toxic Relationship

The retreat includes five live webinars with Sara, online training video programme, 125 page workbook, action plan and support group

We can help you

  • Learn how to spot the signs of abuse
  • Dial down negative emotions
  • Strategies to help you deal with your ex
  • Empower your children to cope better
  • Let go and move on with your life
  • Rebuild your confidence and self esteem
  • Create a future you are excited to live
  • Learn all about the different types of domestic abuse
  • Emotional support and practical support to navigate the divorce process
  • Trauma recovery support

Patron of The Dash Charity

Sara is passionate about her work as the patron of The Dash Charity (domestic abuse stops here). They provide specialist support to adults and children experiencing mental health issues, modern slavery, immigration, trafficking, homelessness and complex needs associated with Domestic Abuse, empowering them to live a life beyond crisis and ensuring their voices are heard.

The Divorce Coach

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