Breakup & Divorce Support for Employees

Professional Breakup & Divorce Coaching from Accredited Coaches trained by Sara Davison – The world’s leading divorce coach.
Providing emotional support and practical tools to help with any breakup.

How Breakup & Divorce impacts your business

Research and recent studies show:

  • Reduces your employee productivity by up to 40% for a period of three years
  • Also reduces co-workers productivity by 4% and line managers by 2.5%
  • Absenteeism, 23% of workers who went through a divorce or separation had to take sick or unpaid leave
  • Up to 70% of your work force are dealing with the effects of divorce at any one time
  • In 2021, UK employees seeking separation and divorce advice was up 73% year on year
  • Employee retention For just under 1 in 10, it resulted in them leaving the company within the year post-divorce
  • Relationship breakdown costs US industry $300billion annually
  • The cost of lost productivity to a business equates to 143% of that employee’s annual salary

What is Breakup & Divorce Coaching?

Our specialist support is designed to help clients to cope better with any kind of breakup, separation or divorce. We specialise in providing emotional support for the rollercoaster that follows a breakup, as well as the practical challenges clients face.

How we can help your employees:

  • Reduce stress, anxiety and depression
  • Maintain performance levels
  • Help them to make better decisions
  • Reduce time spent navigating the divorce process
  • Reduce impact of becoming a single parent
  • Manage upsetting conflict
  • Deal with an abusive ex partner
  • Speed up the breakup recovery process

Why does your business need Breakup & Divorce Support?

Our Coaches are experts in breakup and divorce and understand the emotional roller coaster and specific practical challenges that your employees will be experiencing. We listen to their unique situations and tailor our advice to help them cope better. Our Coaches have a wide range of tools and techniques that are designed to create rapid transformations from the very first session.

As breakup specialists we can enable employees to take more control of their emotions and provide effective methods for them to maintain productivity, clarity of mind and a positive focus. As we navigate the breakup or divorce process alongside them employees feel supported and not alone. They have answers to their questions and time outside of the workplace to process negative emotions in a safe, confidential environment.

If employers ensure that their employees have the right specialist support during their relationship breakdowns it drastically reduces the negative impact on the business. With our support employees can not only survive their divorce but go on to thrive. Our support helps maintain productivity, reduces absenteeism and also boosts staff retention as employees feel cared for.

A business that stands by their staff and supports them through their darkest moments creates loyal and highly motivated employees who are invested in the company and its long-term growth.

When my wife and I separated which eventually led to our divorce, the impact on my work life was huge. There were of course all the practical issues which needed sorting out urgently, which distracted effort from work. Where was I going to live? What were we doing about the kids? How were finances going to work etc. All of this was challenging enough without the emotional fog that clouding everything. Every decision, every action, every step seemed to be in clouded slow motion. I was turning up for work everyday, which felt like a better option that sitting at home thinking about stuff BUT this was probably the least productive period in my career. I turned up physically but emotionally I just wasn't there. I was lucky, my manager and the business were supportive and of course things do get better over time. The opportunity to proactively support people through this trauma / grieving process wasn't there for me but absolutely makes sense to help team members get back to being their best as soon as they can.

Our Products & Services include

Breakup & Divorce Coaching

  • 1-1 private online video sessions
  • Coaching from Accredited Breakup & Divorce Coach specialists
  • Tailored advice to individual employee
  • Global network of Coaches to choose from
  • Range of specialisms % expertise including heartbreak, domestic abuse & children
  • Providing emotional support & practical tools to your employees
  • Flexible session times in and outside of work hours

Heartbreak to Happiness Online Breakup Support Groups

  • Online support group sessions
  • Learn coping tools from Accredited Coaches
  • Instant support network
  • 30+ hours of support every month
  • Session times & dates available in and outside of work hours

Workshops to train key employees how to spot the signs of domestic abuse

Training includes:

  • What is domestic abuse
  • How to spot the signs
  • How do people get into toxic relationships
  • Why do they stay
  • Safeguarding and signposting

We offer half day and whole day trainings.

Our Founder

Sara Davison, aka The Divorce Coach, is a multi-award winning Coach, twice best-selling author, podcaster, coach trainer, patron of The Dash Charity and media commentator. Sara was a founding member of The Tatler High Net Worth Guide to Divorce and is a regular expert on TV and radio in UK and USA.

Sara has combined her 28 years of coaching with her own divorce experience to create a tool kit of techniques and strategies to help people transform their lives after a breakup and move forward.

Sara’s globally recognised training school, The International Divorce Coach Centre of Excellence, has trained over 300 Coaches in 17 different countries and 5 continents.

Sara’s personal mission is to help as many people as possible around the world to cope better with their breakups. The Coaches she works with in providing these support packages also share this passion and it shines through their coaching work.

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