Practitioner Training Programme

Our Breakup & Divorce Coaching Accreditations enable you to coach men and women to cope better with any breakup.

About The Programme

This online accreditation programme is perfect for anyone who is brand new to coaching OR if you already have a coaching business and would like to focus on this fast growing niche.

You will learn all the skills you need to become an outstanding Breakup and Divorce Coach and build a successful coaching business.

Is the Practitioner Accreditation Programme for you?

  • Are you passionate about helping others?
  • Do you want a career that makes a positive difference?
  • Have you had a personal breakup experience that could help others?
  • Are you interested in becoming a coach?
  • Would you like help marketing your coaching business?
  • Do you need a focus for an existing coaching practice?
  • Would you like to be working in a fast-growing coaching niche?
  • Are you already a coach looking to widen your tool kit of techniques and strategies?
If you answered “Yes” to any of the above, then my Break-Up & Divorce Coach
Practitioner Accreditation Programme is a great opportunity for you.
  • Finally making the real start on building my Business offering - I am SUPER excited to be working with Sara and the team of Coaches to grow and develop a Worldwide offering. Thank you as this will be literally life-changing for me!


  • Thank you for the kind words, and for all the truly remarkable energy and knowledge you put into the course. I’m so utterly delighted and grateful to have had your guidance. I always wanted to make a positive come out of my divorce, and finding this training has gone a long way to making this goal become a reality. Thank you again!


  • I would just like to say, how much I am thoroughly enjoying this course! The staff are lovely, Sara & her coaches are all very professional, easy to talk to and extremely helpful. The content of information is amazing. I don't think I have ever enjoyed studying so much, its almost become a hobby!!


What you will learn on the Programme

  • How to become a confident and competent break-up and divorce coach
  • Proven techniques you can use with clients to help them get unstuck
  • A tool kit of skills you can use to help any client overcome negative emotions and grab back control of their life
  • How to handle the most challenging of clients and help them move forward
  • The 7 steps to creating a successful coaching practice
  • 5 common mistakes you must avoid when building your business
  • What it takes to run a successful coaching session with a step by step plan
  • To identify your coaching personality
  • How to attract coaching clients
  • Essential business systems you need in place
  • How to grow your coaching business

You will master powerful and effective coaching techniques to help your clients

  • Face their negative emotions
  • Banish their heartbreak
  • Let go of their ex
  • Handle conflict effectively
  • Reduce stress and overwhelm
  • Take back control of their lives
  • Boost their self-esteem and confidence
  • Create a complete future they are excited to live

How this training works

  • Over 40 detailed videos recorded live with me sharing all my techniques and explaining how you can apply them with your clients
  • 1 year of live coaching with Sara Davison
  • Monthly, live training sessions with global experts on law, mediation, business and more...
  • Over 100-page Training Workbook detailing all the tools you need
  • Structured 3 part Coursework to ensure you master your coaching skills
  • Private Facebook Group giving you access to other Sara Davison accredited Break-Up and Divorce Coaches for support and advice
  • Your Break-Up & Divorce Coach Accreditation certificate*
  • Use of The Sara Davison Break-Up & Divorce Coach Accreditation logo for your marketing*
  • Use of The International Divorce Coach Centre of Excellence logo for your marketing*
  • Opportunity to promote your business in The Divorce Coach Clinic webinar series’

*You must complete all the coursework to a high standard as agreed by Sara Davison to receive the certification and be approved to use the Sara Davison Accredited Divorce Coach logo. Logo use is renewable annually for a small fee after the first year.

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