Master Practitioner

How to coach victims of domestic abuse through the breakup & divorce process including trauma recovery and advanced coaching skills

Triple accredited training programme by Sara Davison, CPD Standards Office and The Dash Charity (UK regulated domestic abuse charity)

Master Practitioner Accreditation Programme

This is an advanced skills coaching course packed full of so much information that it will blow your mind!

This course will enable you expand your “coaching lane” and deepen your skill set to create positive transformations with your clients. You will also master how to confidently coach clients who are divorcing “difficult” partners and who need help and support recovering from toxic relationships.

This training is accredited by Sara Davison as well as The Dash Charity so it meets the high standards of a registered UK domestic abuse charity.

Becoming a Master Practitioner means

  • Advancing your coaching tool kit and skills significantly
  • Attracting a brand new niche of clients
  • Enabling you to deliver positive life changing results for clients in challenging situations
  • Expanding your coaching "lane" so you can go deeper with existing clients
  • Giving you the ability to have greater impact with each client
  • Having confidence to coach clients in virtually any situation
  • Adding an instant extra revenue stream to your coaching business
  • Becoming a member of my elite Master Practitioner Mastermind Group
  • Just wanted to say I'm loving how you teach this course. I'm working through the video library of expert corners and business booster webinars - I've never studied in this format before and it's fantastic - really brings it all to life. Its so good at knitting it all together - really wants to make you get up and going with this - you're a great confidence inspirer! I love that you encourage everyone to be the coach they individually should be whilst using the tools and strategies you teach. That's got to make all the difference in the quality of coaching - authentic client connection. Really glad I did this , it's a great course - you're brilliant - thank you!


  • The training was well structured. I felt supported and I understood what was expected. The interaction with the rest of the community and indeed Sara was excellent with various opportunities to ask questions, exchange ideas, and explore concepts. I enjoyed working at my own page and given my drive to achieve the qualifications I was able to work to my own agenda andd timeline. I also greatly appreciated the opportunity to work alongside The Dash Charity, which offered exceptional experience.


You will learn how to coach clients about

  • The different types of abuse
  • How people get into toxic relationships and why they stay
  • What the impact of abuse is
  • How to get out of a toxic relationship safely
  • How to divorce a difficult partner
  • How to negotiate a financial settlement with a difficult ex
  • Kids and 'co-parenting' with a difficult person
  • Rebuilding and rediscovering their identity after a toxic relationship
  • Recovering from trauma
  • Creating a brighter future that they are fully embracing

You will master advanced coaching skills including

  • Supporting clients through difficult emotions
  • How to work on an energetic level with clients
  • The power of your words to enhance positive transformations
  • Understanding the impact of your body language as a Coach
  • Self-care routines to keep you strong and centred
  • Growing your personal network of trauma recovery specialists

How this training works

  • Access to an extensive Video Training Library of techniques, strategies, and tools
  • 10 LIVE Breakout Sessions with Sara on Zoom Meetings to get all your questions answered
  • Empowering Resources Section Video Interviews with Leading Global Experts on abuse, toxic relationships, and trauma recovery. Guests include The Domestic Abuse Commissioner, survivors of abuse, trauma recovery specialists, holistic therapists and so many more.
  • 150 Page Workbook including Case Studies
  • Access to attend The Freedom Programme run by The Dash Charity as a Support Coach for 10 sessions
  • Buddy Coaching Sessions to practice the tools you are learning
  • Access to coaching clients to hone your coaching skills

*You must complete all the coursework to a high standard as agreed by Sara Davison to receive the certification and be approved to use the Sara Davison Accredited Divorce Coach logo. Logo use is renewable annually for a small fee after the first year.

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